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Jan Toms, Isle of Wight novelist and historian

Novels, history, the Isle of Wight and so much more.


I hope that you find these pages interesting. If you have stumbled across them by accident, then perhaps it is serendipity.


I AM AN ENDANGERED SPECIES - an 11th generation Isle of Wighter, occupying a small Island just to the south of England.

My ancestors were already here in the 16th century and before that the trail goes cold but they were probably already tilling the land and touching their forelocks, for I come from unbroken peasant stock.

I write novels, factual books and articles and I am never happier than when researching the past – it gets me out of bed in the mornings. (Details on the next page).

Non-fiction books and articles I write under the name of Jan Toms. This includes local history, biography, and humour plus the occasional poem.

In what seems like a past life, I wrote about a dozen historical novels under the name Janet Mary Tomson. Now out of print, they can be picked up second hand or downloaded as e-books.

I have also written several hundred articles on subjects as diverse as Nipper the HMV dog, Queen Victoria's would-be Assassins, Eclipse the Racehorse and Australian Rules football.

In a change of direction, I wrote a spoof crime story: The Accidental Assassin, set on the Isle of Wight. It is currently with a film company.

I am always happy to do book signings or to give a talk on writing or local history, or any other related subject. Please do contact me at [email protected]

Do check back later for new updates. There's always more to come!


The Old Mill

FRESHWATER, Isle of Wight PO40 9NX


- Whenever